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Dec. 2007  

TCI relocates Hagerstown, MD manufacturing facility to Bethlehem, PA

Nov. 2005  

NMG builds 5,544 SF addition as combined manufacturing/warehouse space

July 2005     NMG purchases 2331 or Ceramagnet A (Ceramic 1) dry pressed and 2532 or A-20 extruded magnet product lines and associated equipment from Kane Magnetics International (Kane, PA).  KMI is the successor to the Stackpole Magnet Division
Jan. 2003 CMI and CE are merged into NMG, consolidating resources and administration
Jan. 2002 3C Microwave (Bethlehem, PA) merges with TCI Ceramics, Inc. and assumes same name. Headquarters are established in Bethlehem, PA with dual manufacturing sites in Bethlehem, PA and Hagerstown, MD
June 2001 NMG acquires TRAK Ceramics, Inc. (Hagerstown, MD) a mfg. of microwave magnetic and dielectric materials, and also advanced ceramic powders. Name is changed to TCI Ceramics, Inc. Prior History:
1998 Xtalonix renamed TRAK Ceramics, Inc. and ferrite operations from Tampa, FL consolidated into Hagerstown, MD plant
1998 Xtalonix relocated to Hagerstown, MD plant
1997 former European division of Trans-Tech, Inc., Marly, France acquired
1997 TRAK acquires Xtalonix Products, Inc. (Columbus, OH), a microwave magnetic and dielectric material manufacturer started by former Trans-Tech, Inc. management/employees, including Dr. Tyke Negas (ex-Chief Engineer of Trans-Tech, Inc., Adamstown, MD)
1972 started as internal ferrite materials laboratory and grinding shop for TRAK Microwave Corp. (Tampa, FL)
June 2001 NMG establishes joint venture with Chinese magnet manufacturer (ISO9002 and QS9000 certified) to supply grades other than Ceramic 1 to address customer demands and broaden magnet product line
Oct. 1999 CMI relocates R&D and finishing operations to NMG's Bethlehem, PA plant
Sept. 1999 Central Coast Ceramics changes name to 3C Microwave and relocates to a new 5,000 SF addition to NMG's Bethlehem, PA plant
Feb. 1998 NMG acquires interest in Central Coast Ceramics, Inc. (Salinas, CA) a start-up mfg. of microwave magnetic and dielectric materials and components (founded by Amal Chaterjee, ex-Chief Engineer of Pacific Ceramics, Inc., formerly Ampex Corp., Sunnyvale, CA)
March 1997 CMI relocates production operations to NMG's Bethlehem, PA plant
June 1996 NMG builds 4,400 SF addition as warehouse space
July 1993 NMG purchases soft ferrite extruded product line and associated equipment from Fair-Rite Products Corp. (Walkill, NY)
April 1992 CE purchases F-340 (Ceramic 1) product line and associated equipment from Steward, Inc. (Chatanooga, TN)
Oct. 1991 NMG acquires CMI Technology, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) a mfg. of custom soft ferrites for recording head and scientific applications. Prior history:
1988 acquired by Hilby-Yates, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) (a mfg. of head related hardware)
1988 relocated to a new 22,000 SF facility in Santa Clara, CA
1987 purchased ferrite processing equipment from IBM (Rochester, MN)
1985 acquired by Ceramic Magnetics, Inc. (Fairfield, NJ)
1969 established as division of Data Magnetics Co. (a mfg. of recording head ferrites)
June 1991 NMG relocates to 38,000 SF facility on 5 acres located in Bethlehem, PA
May 1990 NMG acquires Core-Tronics, Inc. (Orange, NJ) a mfg. of powdered iron cores and microwave absorbers and relocates to Newark, NJ plant
Oct. 1987 NMG purchases NiZn ferrite compositions, tooling and production equipment from The Stackpole Corp., Ferrite Products Div. (St. Marys, PA)
Dec. 1986 NMC changes name to National Magnetics Group, Inc.
March 1985 Hudson Magnetics Co. ceases production
Sept. 1983 NMC purchases FM-1 (Ceramic 1) product line and associated tooling from Colt Industries, a division of Crucible Magnetics (Elizabethtown, KY)
Oct. 1982 NMC purchases INDOX 1 (Ceramic 1) product line and associated tooling from EMM, Indiana General Division (Valparaiso, IN)
Sept. 1981 Oberbeck family acquires Ceramic Elements Co. (So. Plainfield, NJ) a mfg. of soft ferrites and ceramic magnets and relocates to Newark, NJ plant
Aug. 1981 NMC acquires the Hudson Magnetics division (Winsted, CT), a mfg. of Ceramic 8 permanent magnet motor arcs, from Hudson Wire Co. (Ossining, NY)
Dec. 1977 National Moldite Co. acquired by Paul A. Oberbeck. Prior history:
  1960 NMC relocates to 14,500 SF facility on 0.9 acres located in Newark, NJ
1956 NMC acquires Ferricore and relocates to Hillside, NJ plant
1949 National Moldite Co. (Hillside, NJ) founded to mfg. ferrite cores as an affiliate of Ferricore
1943 Ferricore begins mfg. Ceramic 1 permanent magnets
1940 Ferricore, Inc. (Yonkers, NY) founded to mfg. powdered iron cores for WWII military requirements

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